Aware, accessible and accommodating.

We are Neowise.

Ours is a story that began like yours.


We worked hard, saved every rupee we could, learnt the value of money early on. Sure, there were struggles. But they taught us that it is possible to pursue goals and be financially independent. We found wisdom in our experiences. And we became Neowise.


Today, we strive to ease those struggles for you. By being aware of your financial needs and guiding you in your journey. By giving you access to financial help in an easy and affordable manner. And by accommodating the unexpected challenges that life often throws.


Our vision is to create financial growth for everyone.


And to this effect, we empower you with a host of tools right from the start of your journey all the way until you are financially independent. Personalised tips, a pre-paid Neowise card and a credit line that can be transferred to your existing account are some of the things we offer to bring about financial wellness.


Ours is a credit line with a difference.


We understand that nobody prepares for everything. And an unexpected emergency shouldn’t hinder your day-to-day living. Nor should it add the burden of heavy, long-term interests and fines. That’s why we offer a monthly credit limit at a much lower interest rate and we let you know about these details right from the start. Making credit easy means no hidden charges.


That is being Neowise!

Meet the team


Rohit Ramachandran

Co-founder &

Chief Executive Office (CEO)

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Well networked in the financial services industry in India owing to his experience at Nomura and EPS, Rohit leads the overall business, with a focus on Strategic Alliances, Product & Technology, and Compliance.


Co-founder &

Chief Revenue Office (CRO)

Siddarth Padmanabhan

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As the CRO at Neowise, Siddarth is responsible for helping build the Go-to-Market for the brand and will leverage his experience from his prior roles at Facebook & LinkedIn where he helped businesses build their online presence and drive user growth.

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