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We are Neowise.

Neowise is a plug-and-play B2B API stack platform for banking and payments. We partner with RBI licensed banks and build our platform on top of their core transaction processing engines. Our customers are able to launch co-branded prepaid cards, support credit line use-cases, embed corporate expense management cards, single use BNPL cards, BNPL built on top of UPI rails, recurring collections using eNACH and UPI Mandate within their app workflows thanks to the Neowise platform.

By doing so, we are able to help our partners reduce time to market by about 50% and reduce cost to market by well over 50%. Sign up for the Neowise sandbox, test the APIs relevant to your use-case and launch your product in the matter of a few weeks. Allow our industry experts to do the heavy lifting so that you do not have to.

We act as ecosystem enablers where we closely work with Banks on the one hand and act as a distribution channel for them, and work with fintech’s on the other hand and help them take their products into the market.

The Neowise platform is designed for security from the ground up, and data is structured, monitored, and controlled within the platform to meet or surpass the highest security standards. Innovation, inclusion, and access are the three pillars that Neowise is built on. We feel passionately about the mission we are on due to our ability to impact lives and advance the level of financial inclusion in India.

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Meet the team

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Rohit Ramachandran

Co-founder &
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Well networked in the financial services industry in India owing to his experience at Nomura and EPS, Rohit leads the overall business, with a focus on Strategic Alliances, Product & Technology, and Compliance.


Co-founder &
Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Siddarth Padmanabhan

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As the CBO at Neowise, Siddarth is responsible for helping build the Go-to-Market for the brand and will leverage his experience from his prior roles at Facebook & LinkedIn where he helped businesses build their online presence and drive user growth.