A Neobank that helps you;

Get quick access to affordable credit

Build your credit score

Unlock valuable financial insights


Be more than smart. Be neowise.


Say bye to month-end worries

Get money transferred instantly on your Neowise Early Access Card

Pay with Neowise Early Access Card

Make seamless payments anywhere online or swipe offline at your favorite local stores or ATM!


Enjoy financial wellness

Analyze and understand how you spend your money, and make wiser decisions!

Get your
financial wellness report!


Get insights about
your account!

At Neowise, we want to help you grow in your
financial well being. 

In this report, we will be analysing your account to generate insights on your spending & earning patterns & trends. It also highlights key areas that may need your attention. 


We don’t believe in ‘too many questions’.


Does this mean my credit score is not important?

We cannot stress enough on how important your credit score is. However, we do not judge you for a low credit score or not having one. We aspire to help you build your credit score using our easy credit instruments and grow with you in the process.

Are you a bank?

No. But we work with banks and NBFCs to do all the boring paperwork stuff. So you get only the fun parts of our financial services.

How much credit can I get?

We can give you Rs 1,000 - Rs 20,000. Think of it as a little extra on your salary, which you can return any time up to 12 months.

What about my credit score?

Don’t worry, we aren’t bothered by low credit scores. In fact, we’ll help improve them in the long run. Did someone say win-win?

What documents do I submit?

Two things: A six-month bank statement, and some basic personal docs to complete your KYC online in minutes. (Don’t worry, we won’t ask you any embarrassing or unnecessary questions).

Why should I trust you?

We have a sophisticated system in place that ensures all transactions and personal details are 100% secure. (It wasn't easy but we did it just for you!)

How long does the sign-up process take?

The entire process — from onboarding to verification to getting a credit line — takes only a couple of hours. Don’t even bother getting off the couch.

I have a credit card. Why do I need you?

Well, unlike credit cards, this card is free for life. We charge extremely low interests on the amount you borrow and a small processing fee, and nothing else. Plus we offer the best financial management tools, and some super cool card controls within the App. Beat that credit card!


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