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With the mission of revolutionising the collections industry, we at Neowise have set out on the challenge to empower lenders with innovative solutions that streamline and optimise their collections processes.

Our first hand lending industry experience makes us understand the challenges of managing collections effectively. Hence, to solve this gap, we joined forces with Decentro, a leading Banking and Infrastructure company in 2023, to expand our capabilities, expertise, and reach in ways that will redefine collection industry standards.

Experience the transformative power of Neowise’s End-to-End Collections Enablement Technology. Join us to achieve collections excellence, drive financial success, and build lasting customer relationships.

Contact us today to learn more and start your collections enablement journey.

Meet The Founders


Rohit Ramachandran

Co-founder & CEO

With a strong network in India’s financial services industry, Rohit brings invaluable expertise to Neowise. Having worked at esteemed organizations like Nomura and EPS, he leads the business with a sharp focus on Strategic Alliances, Product & Technology, and Compliance. Rohit’s extensive experience allows him to forge strategic partnerships, drive innovative product development, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. His leadership and industry insights play a pivotal role in propelling Neowise towards growth and success.


Siddarth Padmanabhan

Co-founder & CBO

As the Chief Business Officer (CBO) at Neowise, Siddarth plays a pivotal role in driving the brand’s Go-to-Market strategy and overall business growth. With his extensive experience working at big techs such as Meta and LinkedIn, Siddarth brings a wealth of knowledge in scaling B2B businesses through strategic sales and marketing initiatives. He excels in identifying opportunities, forging strategic alliances, and implementing effective strategies that drive revenue growth and market expansion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Neowise empowers businesses with advanced tools and features to enhance collections performance. It enables efficient management of loan portfolios, communication channels, compliance, and more, resulting in improved collections outcomes.

Every new clients is paired with a dedicated onboarding manager who will be there each step of the way to set you up for success, help implement best automated collection practices and guide you to Go-Live as early as possible.

Absolutely! Once onboarded, you will also have access to a dedicated Account Manager and have access to support whenever you need to access it, via email, phone or logging a support ticket with our team.

Absolutely! Neowise is fully customizable to accommodate the specific requirements of your business. You can tailor the platform to align with your workflows and business rules, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience.

Yes, Neowise is designed to integrate with other systems or platforms seamlessly. It can integrate with CRM systems, loan management software, payment gateways, and more, allowing for a connected and streamlined collections ecosystem.

Yes, Neowise is designed to ensure compliance with all relevant legal regulations. It helps you stay up-to-date with changing compliance requirements, allowing you to manage collections activities within the bounds of all statutory regulations.

Our operations centers in Mumbai and Bengaluru provide comprehensive collections services. This includes managing communication with borrowers, initiating collection calls, sending bulk legal notices, and conducting field collections on behalf of our clients.

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